Doyin Okupe, former senior special assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, says there are many people in power who are unprepared for governance.

He said this in a post on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

Okupe made reference to an initial post by one Aliyu, a Facebook user, who raised concerns about the standard of living in the country.

“I have been in governments in our dear country and I discovered that many in position of authority are either too simplistic, or outrightly unprepared for governance or just don’t have what it takes to discharge the duties and responsibilities of their offices,” Okupe wrote.

“Therefore especially in a developing country like ours, we can employ the mental resources outside government to assist it serve us better.”

Okupe also said past and present governments were incapable of finding sustainable solutions to a problem “where most citizens find themselves in a condition where they live above their salary earnings”.

“Truthfully nobody can win the corruption war without resolving this. And no change is desirable if it cannot change the tragic circumstances of citizen Aliyu,” he wrote.

“I want to appeal to sane and level headed Nigerians to see, if actually as adult Nigerians, we are in government, how we can enact new policies and realistic and practicable actions, we will prefer or take to tackle this problem head on.

“I will prefer if I am left out of this debate which not bean avenue to blame, abuse or insult anybody, rather to use it as a platform for national re-engineering. The problem of ordinary Nigerians as elucidated by the case study of citizen Aliyu is a classic.”

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