Justice Kudirat Akano of Osun State High Court granted the bail application of Oba Ademola Ademiluyi, Pastor Taiwo Fakowajo and four other suspects arrested in connection with the IIle-Ife clash of March 8.

The suspects were arrested following a clash between Hausa and Yoruba which left about 46 persons dead.

The judge granted their bail application in her ruling at the resumed seating of the matter in on Friday.

Their counsel, Mr. Wale Olawoyin and Police counsel, Simon Lough had argued the bail on Wednesday but the judge granted the formal application which was filed in May.

The suspects have been in prison custody since April 28 when the judge ordered that they be remanded.

The suspects were arrested shortly after the clash and they have been in one custody or another since then.

The suspects are still in court and the conditions of N5m each and a surety of a level 14 office or a monarch are expected to be met.

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