The General Overseer of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, has condemned the introduction of Arabic language as a course in Nigerian universities by the government.

Addressing his members at the Church’s headquarters in Ota, Ogun State, Oyedepo warned against such decision, saying Nigeria is a secular and not an Islamic state.
Oyedepo said such action was being perpetrated by some unpatriotic elements to foment trouble which may lead to war.
We wondered at the, “intellectual virtue” in the introduction of Arabic language in Nigerian universities when it cannot be used to, “run any course in Management science.”
According to Oyedepo, “The introduction of Arabic language as part of general studies curriculum in universities is unacceptable, it’s a gross miscalculation, Nigeria is a secular state not a Christian or Muslim state.
“Warning goes to all involved from this platform to revert the decision.
“We have no problem with Islam, we have lived together over the years but some elements are taking cover over religion to foment trouble.
“Nigeria shall not see war, our life shall no longer drain human blood, God will silent every perpetrator of war in Nigeria
“National Assembly should urgently decide if Nigeria is a secular or an Islamic state. No group of people have the right to rewrite the constitution of Nigeria behind us, its too sacred to be ignored.
“I can’t see the intellectual virtue in allowing Arabic language when it can’t be used to run any course in Management science.
“Nigeria is not a Christian or Islamic state but it’s a secular state. If you want to worship stones, trees, fish go ahead. It’s a free state and shall remain so.
“I saw that some unpatriotic Nigerians rising up against the state but I also owe it a duty to declare that it is a dangerous part to toll that will never see the light of the day.
“This nation shall remain one entity. I am warning every element fighting a cause that will never succeed. We are one people living together since we were founded as a nation.
“There shall be no breakdown of law and order in Nigeria and every element taking cover among the herdsmen shall be exposed and brought to justice.”

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