Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu says he has sacrificed his wife for two years in his struggle for the actualization of Biafra.
 Kanu said this when he received members of the Igbo Civil Society Coalition led by Prof. Obasi Igwe at his Umuahia home yesterday.
 Acording to him, while he was in prison, the Federal government offered to allow him have the Republic of Biafra with just the Five Eastern states but that he rejected the offer saying he wanted seven states. 
He claimed the federal government also offered him a mansion in Dubai and an oil bloc to stop his agitation for the creation of Biafra but he refused
. According to him, sacrificing his wife for two years shows that he cannot be bought. He however did not explain in what context he sacrificed his wife. 
“They gave me Biafra in prison with only the five Igbo states; I said no, I want Benue and Rivers. They can’t buy us with money. If I can turn down oil block, turn down mansions in Dubai, what can they offer us?
 All the roads in Biafra land are in deplorable condition, yet we have elites who are just interested in their pockets. All the roads in Biafra are bad. Apart from Okpara (late Michael Okpara), Mbonu Ojike and Sam Mbakwe, I have not seen any elite in Igbo land.

 Let them show us what they have done, no roads, no water, nothing. Because they are in Abuja, they are now elites, let them show us what they have done for the people as elites.

They said everything has price, I told them that Nnamdi Kanu has no price. All of you here know my wife, I sacrificed her for two years so what can they offer me. Self actualization is not war. We are not for war. We are not talking of war but self actualization. Self determination is not war.

Any elite that interprets self determination to be war does not understand English. Biafra is coming; there is nothing that can stop it, no matter the level of intimidation and blackmail.

Some people are running around, saying why must it be Nnamdi Kanu, why not me. I am not an elite, I was born to restore Biafra. We are not interested in any violence, self actualization is not violent" he said

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