Members of the #ResumeOrResign group have reacted to an attack on them at Wuse Market in Abuja on Tuesday.

Deji Adeyanju, a co-convener, in a statement said they were “attacked by known supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari while on a visit to Wuse Market”.

He said the attack was spearheaded by a member of the pro-Buhari support group that often meets at the Unity Fountain.

He noted that, “This attack was completely unprovoked. This is the third in a series of attack carried out against us using a combination of policemen and paid hoodlums.
“It is saddening that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari would rather commit scarce national resources to such underhand tactics than give full disclosure regarding the health of the President.
“We reiterate commitment to remain resolute in demanding full disclosure regarding the state of health of the President.
“It is the right of the Nigerian people to know the true state of health of the man they voted into power and for whose healthcare they are paying.
“We also restate our commitment to remain law abiding in the face of such constant provocation. Our right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly are constitutional rights that we will not allow to be abrogated.”

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