Ugandan Ethics Minister, Simon Lokodo, said on Tuesday that a committee to eradicate p*rnography in the country has started work.

Lokodo said that the government blamed sexually explicit materials for everything, from drug abuse to homosexuality.
*The minister said that the nation will invest roughly 500 million dollars yearly to stop “one of the deadliest moral diseases in the country”.

Lokodo, a former Catholic priest, blamed p*rn for “escalating cases of drug abuse among youths, incest, teenage pregnancy and abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism and defilement.”

“The nine-member investigate team will be outfitted with “top-end gadgets” to monitor or intercept the downloading, watching, sharing or transmission of p*rnographic material.

“In addition, inspectors will be assigned to conduct on-the-spot checks for p*rnographic material.

“The team will also be supported by 30 to 40 technical and administrative staff and anyone caught distributing or using p*rnographic material would be handed over to the police,’’ the minister said.


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