The Parish Priest of St. Philips Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Anambra state, Fr. Jude Onwuasor, has narrated how an unknown gunman attacked his church in the middle of service and opened fire on worshippers on Sunday.

According to him, there were two rounds of shootings executed by a young man who dressed in black attire.
He said that many of the deaths arising from the massacre were recorded during the second round of shootings.

Fr. Onwuaso told newsmen in Ozubulu: “We were about to introduce the prayers of the faithful when the whole trouble began.
“A man wearing black Polo T-Shirt came inside the church and started shooting recklessly. There was confusion and after looking at the problem, there was nothing one could do except to scamper for safety.

“After the first round of shootings, there was a second round. I guess it was during the second round that some people were shot and killed.
“It was when I returned (from hiding) that I saw that some of my parishioners were dead about five or six of them.
“So many others were bleeding in my church.”
Meanwhile, the Chairman of Ekwusigo Local Government, Ikenna Ofodeme, has maintained that the attack was not a drug war but a terror attack.

According to him, “the governor was briefed by the police and whatever he said, he should not be blamed because it was security agents that briefed him, and he must tell the people of the state what he was briefed on.
“The shooting happened in the church. Why didn’t the people go to his house or his father’s house? What business has shooting people in the church got to do with business transaction between alleged drug pushers?

“’This is purely a terrorist attack and nothing to do with a drug pusher’s disagreement in South Africa with our son.
“This young man, Aloysius Ikegwuonu, they are calling based on the police report has built more than three churches in Ekwusigo communities. He is currently building a new one in one of the communities. He left this country two days ago.

“If he was the target and he did a business transaction that resulted to this killing, those who are pursuing him would have killed him at the football pitch. He played inter-village match a week ago before he left the country for his base.

“If it were a misunderstanding between Aloysius Ikegwuonwu and his kinsman in South Africa, what has that got to do with innocent worshipers in the church?,” he asked.

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