Bauchi State governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar has describe‎d the crisis in the South East and other parts of the country as an attempt by forces of darkness to plunge Nigeria into civil war.

The governor stated this in a signed statement saying that individuals and groups who felt aggrieved should channel their grievances through lawful means instead of taking the law into their hands.

"I note with deep concern the needless disturbances in some parts of the South East causing fear and uncertainty especially in the affected areas. I therefore condemn strongly these callous acts and sue for calm, especially among those who feel‎ aggrieved and may therefore be tempted to take the law into their hands,"he said.

He calls on relevant security agencies to‎ deal with the perpetrators of the crisis and their sponsors in order to prevent further escalation of the crisis.

He also advised Nigerian‎s to refrain from spreading hate and falsehood against any individual or group especially on the social media which may further inflame the crisis.

"Nigeria belongs to us all. We have no other country. Therefore, no single individual or group is greater than the nation. I recommend that the genuine grievances should be addressed and redressed through legitimate channels like the law courts or the legislature,"he added.

Governor Abubakar noted that the crisis is coming at a time when Nigeria needs collective effort to consolidate it's economic gains as it came out of recession.

The governor commended the people of Bauchi State, security agencies and all other stakeholders for maintaining peace and urge religious and community leaders to preach peace, tolerance and mutual understanding among people.

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