Sharon Fidel became overcome with emotion after burying her own heart in the forest. The artist who nearly died of a cardiac arrest, posted the clip to Facebook three-months after a life-saving surgery, where she received an organ donor’s heart.

The 46-year-old woman dedicated the clip to the 16-year-old boy whose heart she received after he died in a car crash. “And thank you, beloved, loveable, man who saved my life,” she wrote.

Adding a “big hug” to professor Jacob Lavee, Director of Heart Transplant unit at Sheba Medical Centre. In the short video, Sharon’s hands can be seen shaking as she takes a plastic box containing her heart out of the boot of her car.

She continues to shake as she opens the lid of the container to show her old heart, which had turned white. Putting her hands into the container to grab the organ, her hands are seen flinching a number of times before she eventually puts it in a ditch and quickly covers it in soil.

At the end, Sharon is seen breaking down in tears, falling to her knees by the ‘grave’ and she eventually removes her wig and runs her hands through her short hair as she sobs.

Watch video below:

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