Bobrisky returns

So barely 2 months after Nigerian  self-acclaimed Male Barbie, Bobrisky abandoned his popular public Snapchat account in order to operate a private pay per view account, the bleaching expert, has made a dramatic U-turn and returned to his public Snapchat.

Recall, the cross-dresser said he was deleting his Public Snapchat, to go private, so he can “entertain” his real fans, and put aside Haters… His private snap came with a price tag of N10,000.

It seems like Nigerians were not interested in watching him twerk or do his other silly acts as they refused to pay up. Now, the cross-dresser has reactivated his Public snapchat account in order for him to remain relevant and controversial on Social Media.

The 26-year-old took to his Instagram page to announce, he wrote;
“Now bob is back on public snap”
“This is for you my fans, who can’t afford 10,000. But my premium is still on thuo”
Bobrisky makes dramatic return to public Snapchat after Nigerians refused to pay 10k per month to watch him
Nigerians, however, did not believe his reason and told him, he only came public because people refused to pay but reacting to this, the King of Nigeria Snapchat wrote:
Some of u are saying I don’t have enough people on my premium that was y I came back on public. Bad mind thinking.
I came back because my dm here is over full with messages people asking me to come back on my old snap. But since I deleted d old one I decided to open new one for them.
A lot of people in USA and other countries don’t know d procedure to pay for premium. It hasn’t been easy for them. So take ur hate somewhere else. My premium is still fucking existing.
bobrisky returns

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