Former Deputy National Chairman of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George, has identified the real problem with the former ruling party.
George, who is aspiring for the National Chairmanship seat of the party, said the greatest problem facing the acclaimed largest party in Africa was impunity.

He, however, expressed hope that when elected as chairman, he would bring back the party’s lost glory and possibly regain power back from the All Progressives Congress in 2019.

On what the party needed to do to win the trust of Nigerians again, George said, “We have to convince Nigerians. You as a marketer, you have taken a product that was in the market before to the people and they waived you away, saying we don’t want it because it’s not effective, you know what you sold before, you had done a post mortem analysis on where the product went wrong, what is the thing that the people don’t like, what are those things that affected the product that our people used to love so much, that it was the beauty of every home, then you will get it right.”

Speaking on the problem facing the party, the PDP chieftain told Leadership that, “The post mortem of the PDP shows that impunity was a big problem. Today somebody wins at the party’s congress, you send his name as the winner but when the results are out, even before he reaches the doorstep, it’s been changed because of some interest, how do you retain members loyalty in such a circumstance?

“You disobey so many lawful rules and you think it’s going to be rosy? No. Those of us who started with the original concept, who knew what we sold to the people, the good product we produced and the people bought, we know what to do about it again.”

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