The Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Nigeria Diocese, says its 15 years leadership crisis has been resolved.

The announcement was made on Sunday in commemoration of 70 years of existence of CCC.

The situation had led to factional leaders of the church.

Speaking at a briefing, Reverend J. B. Adetunji, thanked everyone who was part of the peace process.

“We cannot but brief you about all the great works done by the founder of this unique and God sent church to cleanse the universe in the person of Saint S.B.J. Oshofah of blessed memory in particular and all other heads who have played their roles in piloting the ship of this church after the demise of the great founder, people like Reverend A. A Bada; Rev P.H. Ajose and Rev. G Jesse all of blessed memory.

“We also appreciate the work of other leaders who genuinely ensured that the church must continue to wax stronger in unity even after the departed heroes.

“As you all know some events that have been rearing their ugly heads in Celestial Church, but we thank God that the body of Christ through the Reverend Jesse family which is Nigerian Diocese has decided to come together as one family as you are witnessing now, to appreciate God’s power and His mightiness on the church,” he read from a prepared statement.

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