On-air personality Freeze who is known for giving out advice on life, religion, love and so many other topics to his followers on Saturday addressed a very sensitive topic after a request by a woman on Instagram with the Instagram handle @fabmumof4

In a LIVE Instagram video monitored by NigerianEye Freeze explained that m*sturbation itself was not a sin at all, and it should be seen as a normal exercise that adults engage in as far as it's done without thinking about someone who is not your spouse.


In his words below...

I used to be addicted to  m*sturbation  at some point in my life, but it took the help of wife and the holy spirit to help stop it.
 M*sturbation itself is not a sin, when a man travels abroad for his Masters, away from his wife, and they need to release themselves of their s*xual urges, what do they do?
Do they cheat? taking unclad pictures of eachother and exchanging them can help married couples to relieve these s*xual pleasures.

When you are thinking of your wife or husband and m*sturbate while doing it, this is not a sin at all.

What that means, is that the act of m*sturbation is not a sin, what makes m*sturbation sinful is who you think about when you do it. 
For example, when you think about Kim Kadashain or Beyonce or an ex of 10 years ago while you do it

For unmarried couples, it's a bit more diffcult, beacuse who do they think about?

How else do you expect an unmarried man at 35 to cope when he needs to empty his prostate?

When do not to empty your prostate regularly it leads to prostate cancer later in life.
If an unmarried adult can m*sturbate without thinking about anybody while doing it, it's not a sin. 
When the choice of having several sex partners presents itself against m*sturbation, I won’t pick several partners, instead I will preach that m*sturbation, like alcohol, is extremely addictive and has its own side effects, so extreme caution should be exercised when the overcoming urge to relieve oneself from sexual ‘congi’ comes knocking on your door.

If you feel guilty about m*sturbation, which is normal, pray about it. God understands those feeling, because he put them in you in the first place.

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