A Nigerian lady who recently got engaged has called out all the men she dated and cooked for but failed to marry her. The young lady identified as Young Oprah on Twitter shared a tweet calling out all her ex-boyfriends by name.
It was gathered that the young lady got engaged on Wednesday, September 6. She noted that her man proposed to her over the phone.

In the post, she named the men by their first names and said she cooked for them but they did not marry her.

She noted that some of them even promised to marry her but they did not. Young Oprah also said she personally took care of family events for all of the men she dated.

She recounted the story of how she went out of her way to prove she's a wife material, including cooking for the men she dated and for their aunts, yet, after all the yam pounding, the men moved on to start families with other women

This only goes to show that the way to a man's heart is not the stomach. You can cook all you want but if he does not want to marry you, he won't.

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