Human rights activist and President of Women Arise for Change, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin is of the opinion that the only way forward for Nigeria is restructuring.

Odumakin described a 57-year-old Nigeria as an adult with a toddler’s mentality.

Speaking with New Telegraph, the fearless activist said Nigeria must return to regional government so as to end the needless agitation across the country.

She said, “The point I have been making all along is restructure or die. My understanding of restructuring is not for the country to break, but to return to regional government. Nigeria will fare better under that arrangement.

“The government should be honest enough to acknowledge that there is so much anger in the country. If the government’s fight against corruption will yield any positive outcome, it should be anchored on restructuring. Let there be devolution of power. We must also improve on the quality of our leadership as a country. At present leadership is the only job for which no preparation is required and no background check is done.”

Asked about the steps that should taken to address the agitations in the country, the activist said, “Let us begin by adopting the report of the National Conference we had under the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

“There is no amount of amendments carried out under this present leadership that can effectively address the problems of Nigeria. Nigeria does not have a constitution. What we have is a fraud from the military.

“There was no referendum, where the people of Nigeria agreed to be governed by that constitution. Let us begin and revert to the true federalism practiced by our leaders at Independence.”

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