The gambling and poker scene in Nigeria has been growing at an accelerated rate in the past few years, and this is because the most famous card game in the world has been aggressively marketed on television and the internet.

The growth of gambling in general in Nigeria has hit some important milestones, as the African country has its own brand new sports betting platform that started operating this year to cater the nation´s market. The gambling market has been blossoming in Africa for quite a while now, with some sportsbooks having an excess of five years of experience delivering betting odds.   

The epicenter of poker, betting, and gambling is Lagos, the capital of Nigeria. The new betting operator and all those who come along in the future must be regulated by the Lagos State Lottery Board, this government institution has been a key component of the stability of the business. 

With these changes the Nigerian market can now access sports betting, virtual games like poker; two of the most popular pastimes in the region; the operators know that the public has become very game savvy and expect the best gaming experiences, including juicy bonuses that enhance the betting experience.

Betting and gambling in Nigeria have benefited greatly with the experience gained at the Sports Betting West Africa, a summit where all the top companies in the western part of the continent gather to share experiences. Poker is one of the most popular topics because it has been great for business, and that is no surprise.

Nigeria is one of the biggest cities in the world and all aspects of the entertainment business are growing, this includes its famous cinema also known as “Nollywood”. But as we all know, gambling and poker are not very far behind, the growth of these two business has been natural and beneficial to the general population, as it offers top quality pastimes.

But does not mean that you’ll find casinos on every corner, but the most popular game in Nigeria is the lottery, which is a gold mine for the state’s finances, but in close second place we have backgammon and poker. There are three land based casinos that operate within legality, so if you want to go play some slots or same poker in a live table you can do so with absolute freedom.
This has not come without problems, because the government in Nigeria has fought hard against the gaming activities that have been lucrative for the organized crime. This is the reason why laws that severely punish some gaming activities have been enforced. The truth known by all is that there is still a lot to do in this matter, because there still is an ongoing network of casinos operating against the law.   
To no surprise the gambling and poker business has been growing in spite of the financial troubles that the country has been dealing with in the last few years. One factor that has been hindering the rise of more casinos is the expensive cost of government licenses, this makes sense because the casinos are very lucrative for private investors, but it can be seen as a loss of job opportunities as well.

The numbers speak for themselves, the number of dollars that the gambling sites are raking is growing year by year, not only in Nigeria but in other African countries the trend is very similar, like in South Africa, where the casino business is making more money every year. Studies from prestigious firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers have validated this in recent reports.

This is all great news for the casino and poker enthusiasts, because the competition will make the industry a lot better. But is there really a true fan base for casino and poker games? This is an interesting question because most casinos are located in shopping malls, where you can also find movie theaters and restaurants, this means that most of the gamblers that go to these casinos are more casual players. 

Nonetheless, Nigeria is one of the top three countries that generate revenue through casinos, the industry has made over thirty million dollars, that ranks third in the continent just behind Kenia and South Africa.

The challenges of the Nigerian casino and poker industry are to step up the game in regulation and control of illegal gambling, the laws that regulate casinos are still very recent and there is a lot to be done, but this does not mean the players don’t have places to enjoy poker and other games like slot machines.

Also, the Nigerian casino industry has a lot of room to grow, its global market is still very limited because the gambling licenses are too expensive, and the investment is too much for such a small market. There has to be a balance between the costs and the benefits, but even with these problems there is lots of poker and gambling to be done Nigeria, legally of course. 

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