National Vice Chairman (South South) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Utufam Hilliard Eta, yesterday said the party “may give President Muhammadu Buhari an automatic ticket to contest the 2019 presidential election”.

Eta said his responsibility at the moment as the National Vice Chairman in the South South “is to ensure that all votes for the zone go to the President during the party primary if we have one”.

He said: “It is possible that because of the sterling qualities of the President and the jobs he has done, the entire members of the party may want him to go back without contest.

“What I mean is that those who want to contest against him should join hands with him to build the country. We should have him as both the aspirant and the candidate of the party. It has happened before, and there are a lot of instances.

“Consensus is found in all democracies of the world. This means that people who have aspirations can resolve among themselves that one of them may do a better job. Others may subsume their aspirations and give him the support to run on the platform of the party.

“In democracy, and especially in the APC where we pride ourselves on building a culture of internal democracy, if consensus fails, then there is no alternative than for a contest to ensue. This is no imposition because consensus is not an attempt to impose.”

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