The Personal Assistant on Social Media to President Muhammadu Buhari, Lauretta Onochie, has said that she and others have made up their mind to follow President Muhammadu Buhari saying that day or night they love PMB.

 Onochie Facebook page asked; “we are Buharistst who are you?”


To refuse to retrench during recession is a surprising achievement

To increase employment during recession is amazing

To fight terrorism to a stand still during bad economy is a miracle

To confront demagogue making age-long fortune from corruption is legendary

To be feeding pupils in public schools while recession is on is compassion

To save a deeply divided Nation from secession is patriotic

To face untouchable judges holding the justice at jugulars is a strength

 To criticize oneself as government, shows sincerity To turn us towards agro-dollar as against dwindling petrol -dollar is a great focus

To remain focused in the face of multitudes of ingratitude and multi billion dollars propaganda project is carrying a valiant mind

To locate a strong Col Ali and position him at Customs, succeeding without uniform is foresight

To have leap of IGR via non oil sector is Buharinomics

 Many are not wired to have foresight as little are gifted to be grateful. Day or night we love PMB We made up our minds…

We are Buharists… What about you?

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