The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, yesterday, said it had no plans to disrupt today’s governo-rship election in Anambra State. Rather, it wants to stay away from it and will “never participate in any fraudulent election organised by INEC until a date for referendum on Biafra is set.”

In two separate statements by Comrade Emma Powerful, media and publicity secretary, the separatist group, which alleged that security agents had planted explosive devices in many parts of the state with a plot to link the development to IPOB, said: “IPOB family worldwide under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to remind the General public that we are not disrupting any election instead directing every Biafran living in Anambra State to boycott the election on Saturday 18 November 2017.”

Claiming that plans had been perfected to rig the poll, it said: “We Biafrans have been voting with nothing to show for it till date. In fact, the whole electoral exercise in Nigeria is as fraudulent as Nigeria itself. Nigerian government through the instrumentallity of INEC and security operatives especially the Nigerian Army and Police are doing everything possible to undermine the people’s wish in Anambra State election…What obtains in Nigeria is not democracy, electioneering or voting, what we have is a carefully choreographed display of primitively nauseating politics of the jungle.”

It continued: “Successful boycott of tomorrow’s (today’s) elections will register our displeasure with South East political slaves and Ohanaeze leadership for their serial betrayal over the years. Political commentators have told us repeatedly to hold our politicians to account, we have therefore selected 18 November 2017 as a perfect date to do exactly that.

Today Saturday 18 November 2017 in Anambra State will mark the beginning of a silent revolution that will usher in a new dawn of freedom and accountable governance, not just for Biafrans, but for all the people that make up the component ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

“IPOB cannot participate in an electoral process where Aso Rock, through INEC, simply compile their own figures and declare whoever they like as the winner. Such political banditry will end in Nigeria tomorrow (today).”

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