Vice-President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo firmly declared to Nigerians that the Federal Government did not have any plan to increase the fuel Prices. He said that the fuel scarcity does not mean that there will be increase in the price. The only people increasing the price are the maeketers selling to the public.

During his visitation to different Fuel Stations in Lagos State, he said that increment in fuel prices will not be added to the situation of the country.

In a statement he released to the press, Yemi Osibanjo said :

“We are certainly not expecting to increase oil (fuel) prices at all; the government has absolutely no intention of increasing fuel prices and that’s it.”

He confirmed that : “We have been here holding a meeting with major oil marketers and as you see everyone is at work trying to ensure that the petrol queues are cleared. We are trying to look at some of the issues and what needs to be done to ensure that things move very quickly.

“Just yesterday, Mr. President tried to see how exactly he could really work on the problems that we are experiencing and how to very quickly clear up the queues and ensure that everyone is able to have a happy holiday; that’s exactly why we are here today.”

He further added that : “The GMD of the NNPC is up in Abuja and I’m here with the minister (of State for Petroleum Resources) trying to take a look at what the problems of the marketers may be and also what other issues there may be getting the products to petrol stations across the country.

“We had a very good meeting and we hope that in the next couple of days, we will be able to resolve the petrol queues and l hope this rather sad episode come to an end as quickly as possible.”

“So clearly, what has happened here is that on account of some of the short deliveries that we have experienced, panic buying and hoardings in different places started.

Concluding his statement, Yemi said : “So, those are largely the issues. So we are also trying to ensure that these sorts of disruptions won’t happen in the future and that’s one of the reasons why we are spending a bit of time to look at some of the issues.”

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