Some Nigerians who were recently deported from Libya have urged the federal government to focus on securing the release of Nigerians languishing in various prisons a rather than deporting Nigerians doing well in the country.

They said it was wrong for Nigerians who owned their houses and doing well are deported when thousands of Nigerians are in prisons

Matthew Ereyemwen, who spoke to newsmen in Benin City shortly after he was lodged in a hotel by the state government said it was better for the government to concentrate on how to evacuate Nigerians who are languishing in various prisons in Libya.

He noted that the deportation of Nigerians living comfortably in their various houses has ruined the chances of those who are in dire need of coming back to Nigeria.

According to him “I travelled to Libya and I knew what I passed through there. Our people are still suffering over there.

“Those people who are living in their living houses which is their comfortable houses are oppressing us. They are living comfortably in Libya and are not in prisons.

“Those who are living in their living homes are not part of us. Those people that came back from Libya with luggage. We that came from prisons we do not have luggage but only shirt.

“This is the way we dress those of us in prisons. So anybody you see like this with unkempt hair are those who have been kept in prisons for a long time.

” It was not their intension to keep their hair unkempt but it was because they never had combs to comb their hair.

“We do not have our bath and we eat once in a day but those who they have brought along with us who are living in their comfortable houses are not like that”

Another returnee, James Itama appealed to the federal government to concentrate on how to evacuate Nigerians in Libya prisons before concentrating on those living in their comfortable houses in Libya.

“Our people are suffering in Libya prisons. They are more than 2,000 of them in prisons and they are dying.

Reacting to the allegation, the South-West Zonal Coordinator of National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, Alhaji Suleiman Yakubu, said the federal government is working assiduously round the clock to ensure that all Nigerians living in Libya are brought back to their country whether in prisons or outside the prisons

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