Prof. Itse Sagay, has urged Samuel Ortom, Benue State Governor to take action as the Chief Security Officer of the state instead of crying for help and shield the general population of the state from the assaults of Fulani herders.

Sagay, SAN, encouraged Samuel to take make use of his post as the CSO of the state, to compose his people to stand up to the herders like his partner, Ayo Fayose acted in Ekiti state.

He however said instead of action,  Samuel Ortom prefers to cry for help and blame the Federal Government of not coming to his rescue. He wondered the type of Governor that cries instead of protecting the people under him.

Reacting to Benue State Killings, Sagay said : “The point I generally make and I make it again is that the biggest disappointment and the individual who should assume all the fault for what is going on is the state senator, Samuel Ortom.

Ortom is the main security officer of Benue. Without fail, the killings happen, he separates in tears and puts his hands on his head and continues faulting the government”.

“Under criminal law, each Nigerian has a privilege of self-preservation. There is no motivation behind why Ortom shouldn’t have sorted out the general population of Benue state into a condition of aggregate self-preservation in which he will thoroughly arm them to confront these killers”.

“Rather, he continues sobbing constantly. No big surprise the Benue understudies and other youngsters pursued him with stones in light of the fact that contrasted with the government, his own disappointment is the most noticeably awful.” 

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