President of the Youth Wing of the Christians Association of Nigeria YOWICAN Engr Daniel Kadzai, has again called on the government to tag the Fulani militants killing people with impunity in the country as terrorists.

He said in a statement that tagging them as terrorists the way the government tagged the Nnamdi Kanu and his group was the first step to start the fight back against the persistence of these militants who are mostly imported from outside.

With the latest development in Benue state, he called on President Buhari to put an end to the ongoing killings by Fulani Herdsmen across the nation as quickly as possible.

While reacting to a Christmas eve brutal killing of four people in Nindem village, Godo-Godo district of Jema’a LGA, Kaduna recently allegedly by fulani brigands during a Christmas carol service in which a chorister’s mouth was shattered with bullets the chairman said this impunity was stretching too far.

He said that of Tambo in Girei as well as the slaughtering of four people in Kamale town in Michika local government area in Adamawa state, with houses being razed by suspected fulani militants during Christmas celebration were enough confirmation that the government was becoming insensitive.

Engr Daniel Kadzai, described the Kamale and others in Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa and Kaduna killings as calculated plans to eliminate or depopulate  Christians in the country.

Kadzai who accused some Christians in top government positions of sealing their mouths over the mass murder of their own by Fulani militants in order to protect their  juicy offices, pointed out that Christian youths in the country will no longer tolerate another round of killings of their people  without reaction

“Our concern is the total silence of Christians in top government positions nobody is talking about it, even when the police and soldiers invade our areas and killed our people they did not talk.

“Their silence seems to legalise the operations of the organised killer Fulani militants ” he noted.

He regretted what he described as the dangerous silence of President Muhammadu Buhari, on the bloody activities of his kinsmen the fulani , noting that his silence can sadly  be interpreted as approval for the brigands who operate with impunity.

Kadzai warned that if the killer Fulani militants are not tagged as a terrorist groups by Buhari, the Christians youth will be left with no other choice than to find a solution to their plight by protection themselves.

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