Women from Ayilamo, Turan and Gaambe-tiev in Logo local government area, and Akor, Umenger and Tomatar in Guma local government area in Benue State says president Buhari had forgotten so soon the support he had from them in 2015.

Speaking while addressing the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau, the spokeswomen of the group Mrs. Rebecca Apeza said president Buhari had abandon his campaign promises, neglected them at their time of need and rewarded them with blood, pains and sorrow as a reward of the huge votes he got from them in 2015.

“What have we to gain from Buhari but sorrow, tears and blood? Our children, husbands and parents have been killed in cold blood, while farmland and houses have also been destroyed,” She Said

She said even though they still support president Buhari, they will be forced to look for a better alternative if Buhari does not end the Fulani herdsmen Brutality immediately.

The women group also requested the president to beef up security in the state to enable them sleep well at night.

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