The Federal Government has released a factsheet on attacks, killings by herdsmen in Benue, other states of the country saying that ‘insinuations and allegations that the attacks and killings were because President Muhammadu Buhari is Fulaniman are both unkind and incorrect”

The facesheet according to a release on the State House website titled ‘Factsheet: Federal Response to the Attacks and Killings by Herdsmen in Benue and other States’ stated that insinuations and allegations that attacks and killings are happening because President Buhari is Fulani are both unkind and incorrect as these attacks have been a longstanding issue, and successive governments have struggled to contain the situation and that the release further stated that the Buhari Administration is more than fully committed to bringing the cycle of violence to an end, prosecuting the attackers, and preventing further killings and attacks.

 And that the security agencies have standing instructions to arrest and prosecute any and all persons found with illegal arms.

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