An activist and public affairs commentator in Adamawa, Alhaji Suleiman Baba-Jada has urged Nigerians to render more support to the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari to tackle corruption and other challenges facing the nation.

Baba-Jada told Newsmen in an interview on Monday in Yola that what Buhari needed to address the various challenges was support from Nigerians not insults and unwarranted criticisms.

“The president needs support instead of inciting criticisms mostly from those who are perceived as corrupt people with cases to answer in EFCC.

“The whole thing looks more like corruption is fighting back, and that is the more reason why Nigerians must stand up and support the president.

“The situation we have now with many people with corrupt cases occupying elected positions means that definitely the fight against corruption won’t be that easy for the president,” Baba-Jada said.

According to him, the inciting criticisms are meant to distract the president.

He warned that such people “risk the wrath of the silent majority that are yearning for an end to the menace of corruption and other acts of criminality in the country.”

Baba-Jada backed the setting up of special courts to try corruption cases, saying it would eliminate the delay being experienced in dispensing of such cases, a situation which has been denting the image of the country.

“I also want to declare my support for Magu, the EFCC boss, who I believe has good intention and commitment to deliver in his job.”

The septuagenarian, who spoke on hate speech, cautioned journalists against being used by unpatriotic politicians and ethnic champions to heat up the polity.

“We are seeing how politicians who lost out in elections or were not given appointment are using the media to insult their perceived enemies in the name of freedom of expression.

“The media need to be careful from being used to create problems by such politicians and ethnic champions.

“We are seeing how such politicians who used to be close to Buhari are now attacking everything thing he does in an attempt to settle personal scores just, because they were not given appointments or carried along.

“Some of them have access to the president but they rather chose to get to him using the media in a combative and derogatory language,” Baba-Jada said.

He also urged Buhari to change his approach to issues “by being more firm and decisive to prove wrong the impression being given by his traducers that he is being controlled by a cabal.”

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