Nigerians on the social media have blasted a man, Dud Malumfashi, for posting photos of the refreshment served when President Muhammadu Buhari hosted some dignitaries on Valentine’s Day, saying it was an attestation of the change being canvassed by the Federal Government.

The man posted a photo of the meeting and drew up a checklist of the drinks served while it lasted, which summed up to N2,700 per person, noting, “This is the change I voted for.”

Malumfashi posted the photo on Facebook and wrote,

Smooty Chapman = 120 NairaPeach = 150 NairaChi Exotic = 400 ×3 = 1200 NairaCoca-Cola 150×3 = 450 NairaBottled water 70×5 = 350 
GRAND TOTAL = 2, 270 Naira. This is the cost of Refreshment spread across the table of VIP’s in today’s Nigeria.

Subjects, President of the most populous black country on the earth. Executive Governor of a Nigerian State, 1st Class Emir and 3rd most influential Emir after Sultan and the Emir of Kano.

-Adamu Muhd.”

Malumfashi’s opinion was not welcomed by Nigerians, as angry comments greeted the post.

See some of the comments below:

@uchennaegbomeche: In his mind, that’s the amount ba? Not true, the original amount might just be 2million naira

@chiefjay1: Are they suppose to have moet and Jack Daniels? Lmao

@didigram__: Cheap stunt, just too cheap… Should’ve bought water or groundnut. Must they even eat??

@chiamaka4: Who is did ignorant mofo? Is he d procurement officer?

@labella.nicole: But I wonder how much was budgeted for this meeting.

@mmay3n :they should have used water, groundnut and agege bread to prove their point. Mtcheeewww

@cherriekoko :They have bought petrol of 250naira a litre n b drinking 😐? M so confused by this post, d question should be what in God’s name r they discussing, cos d country is falling apart 👀

@ugos_maduson :Can they do same for d salary and what u see on the table might not be what’s quoted

@venics :We will only believe it is change indeed, when we see the budget allocated to this event and how much they claimed they spent… this 2,270 fit turn to 2,270,000

@trackmediang: Before this your change, Bottled water was N50 and Coca-Cola was N100. So you see, your change made things worse. It’s just too costly, we can’t afford to pay for it again by 2019. Thanks

@helen_kagah: Chapman is not 120 sha…the guy is not even updated

See his facebook post:

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