NIGER State has alleged that former Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu looted N5.9 billion pension funds belonging to the state workers.

Deputy Governor Ahmed Mohamed Ketso, who broke the news to reporters, said the alleged figure was discovered by a committee set up by the state government to look into the 7.5 per cent contributory pension contributed by workers.

He said the committee had verified the allegation “and it was discovered that the money was siphoned”.

Ketso, who was referring to Aliyu’s alleged statement at a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) rally in Paiko that those decamping to All Progressives Congress (APC) were looters, said: “Unfortunately for the former governor, these people served under his administration. So, if those decamping are looters, then that means he is the chief looter”.

He added that the state would resuscitate both old and new cases it discovered against those who allegedly mismanaged the state’s finances in the past, stressing that the former governor should be ready to answer some questions from security agencies and anti-corruption agencies.

Ketso said: “The former governor had made it clear and known that PDP members are looters. We want to inform the security agencies, EFCC and court of competent jurisdiction about this utterance…

“There are some existing cases that the former governor is facing and we have new ones. The former governor should be ready to answer some questions.”

The deputy governor said anyone found guilty of looting public fund among those who decamped to APC would face the law, stressing that the ruling party would not shield anyone.

“Whosoever is found guilty, whether defector or not, the law will take its due course. APC will not shield anybody coming to the party.

“APC is seen as a party that is admired and we believe that the defectors are good people, who came to support us and it cannot be proper to call them looters until the court determines that. It should be noted that we never said the defectors are looters, the former governor whom they served under said they are looters,” the deputy governor said.

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