Embattled Senator Dino Melaye (Kogi West) has said he is not afraid of being investigated by the police or any other security agency.

He, however, alleged plots by the Kogi State Police Command to frame him on trump up charges, arrest, detain and ensure that he is murdered in detention.

A march 20 five-page letter to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), signed by his lawyer, Rickey Tarfa (SAN), wants the police high command to set up a neutral investigation team, led by trusted officers in Abuja, to investigate the issues for which he was being invited to Lokoja, the Kogi State capital.

The letter said they were afraid for Melaye’s safety in Kogi, noting that his presence may also lead to a breakdown of law and order.

The police threatened to declare Meleye wanted if he fails to appear before a Federal High Court in Lokoja, on March 28, to answer criminal charges against him.

He drew the attention of the IGP to an alleged attempt to abduct him on March 1 and his several reports of attempts on his life.

The letter reads: “Our client told us that the intention was to abduct him and take him to Kogi State, where he would be at the mercy of the governor, and where plans had been perfected and were being implemented to frame him on spurious charges, arrest and detain him, and then murder him in prison while he is awaiting trial.

“It is noteworthy that our client has severally stated in the media that he is aware of this nefarious plan and the involvement of the Kogi State Police Command in implementing same. The sheer number of armed policemen and security personnel deployed from Kogi State on March 1, to abduct our client from the FCT High Court premises, gives credence to his fears.

“Sir, as the chief law enforcement officer of the country, we urge you to intervene in this circumstance. It is obvious there is no plausible reason for our client to believe that his personal safety is guaranteed in the hands of the police in Kogi.

“After the court hearing of March 1, and the attempted kidnap, the police exchanged correspondences with the Senate leadership over an invitation to our client. It is evident from the letters, dated March 8, that our client’s presence in Kogi State will put him in danger. It may also lead to a breakdown of law and order, going by the governor’s antecedents.

“The letter, therefore, advises that the issues for which the invitation was sent be investigated in Abuja. We believe this would be the reasonable option in the circumstance, and suggest that a neutral team be set up by your office to investigate the issues.

“Our client is not averse to being investigated for any charges brought against him. The fact that our client is accused of being a gun runner is extremely suspicious and with due respect, smacks of a set up.”

“Sir, we urge for your urgent intervention in this matter. As we have said, our client, convinced of his innocence, is ready to submit himself for investigation and to answer any charge against his person, but by police officers whose neutrality he is confident of.

“Our client will not and cannot run from justice, but balks at being delivered directly into the hands of people who have made public threats against his person.”

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