The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, is at the centre of an alarming allegation that secondary school students are being charged N15,000 each to have a ‘holy hand-shake’ with him.

Writing on Facebook, Temitope Aduroja recounted the dilemma of a struggling family in Minna, Niger State and the friction that emerged over the alleged payment necessary to meet ‘Daddy GO’.

“The students of Redeemer Secondary School in Minna were told to pay N15,000 each to be able to see Pastor Adeboye and receive his handshake,” Aduroja wrote, explaining that the respected Pastor is due to be at an event in Abuja on Sunday 11th March 2018.

Clearly disgruntled, the ‘whistle-blower’ added that this information came from a work colleague who had three children in that particular school and was unwilling to pay such a fee.

“His wife remained adamant that he must pay the money because his children must see Pastor Adeboye for the first time in their lives and receive his handshake and blessings,” Aduroja continued.

It took the combined effort of a local Redeemed Pastor and his grandmother to finally bring settlement to the heated squabble which almost resulted in “physical combat”.

“After serious pleading and begging from the pastor and family members, the husband agreed to pay for a child, the wife for the second child while the grandmother agreed to pay for the third child,” he explained.

Aduroja proceeded to ponder on the ‘craziness’ exhibited by Nigerian woman “in the name of religion”, as well as express scepticism on the actual impact of this “handshake excursion”.

“Must we continue to waste money on something that doesn't mean much in the name of religion or a pastor,” he whimsically concluded.

The post drew heated response, many rising to Adeboye’s defence and stating the school was simply taking students on “an excursion” and such amount was to cater for the journey’s costs. Others, however, corroborated the allegation.

Oyeyemi Ganiat wrote, “That's how they always do. My children are attending Redeemer School here in Agege, Lagos. They will tell you Baba Adeboye is doing his birthday every March and that all children must pay N5,000 to be able to go and celebrate.”

Akintayo Taiwo went deeper to suggest such behaviour stemmed from the unhealthy “quest for position and power” within the Redeemed Church.

“In RCCG, promotion from Parish pastor to Area Pastor to Zonal Pastor to Provincial Pastor depends on your weekly remittance to the church Headquarters in Lagos. The more tithes and offerings - and other godly and ungodly charges you are able to remit to the Church - the faster your promotion,” he alleged.

“We may say that Baba Adeboye doesn't know about this but he is definitely culpable because he accepts the money coming from all these Parishes without questioning the source,” Taiwo opined.

“No matter how fast church growth is in Nigeria, as long as the Church makes money the centre of the gospel, morality will continue to decrease among believers,” the commentator brazenly ended.

RCCG has yet to make any official statement on the matter.


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