A disturbing video of a young man who allegedly did money rituals (Yahoo Plus) in Ijebu Ode and now barks like a dog once in a month has emerged

Watch video below...

As a condition for getting illegitimate riches, a young man based in Ijebu Ode area of Ogun State has been subjected to barking like a dog, once every month, uncontrollably for several hours

It appears it is not too much of a sacrifice for this yet to be identified young man as against the idea of working for a means of livelihood.

The young man who has been exposed and mocked by his friends is captured in a video having a regular ‘moment’.

One of his friends who shared the video explained further saying this is not the first time a similar occurence took control of his friend.

He added that the same young man was having fun in a popular night club; ‘Club royal’ when the episode over took the victm and his friends had to lock him up in a car pending when he would come around.

It was also gathered that this embarrassing conditions for money ritual is a trend in that part of Western Nigeria.

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